This type of equipment can be used to compact the waste or recycling materials and reduce volume of waste material and number of trips to the landfills, therefore providing possible cost savings in fuel, time and transportation of your materials. These equipment options are available to provide space savings, reduce costs, increased efficiency of recycling or waste disposal, and to improve safety and the appearance of your property.


There are several types of compactors available for the different types of industries. This can create difficulty for business owners to know what type will best suit their operational needs. These can range from stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, and pre-crusher compactors, as well as smaller compactors for tighter areas with less space such as vert-i-pak compactors.

Stationary Compactor

This type of compactor is recommended to be installed at the site and will stay in a fixed place. A container attaches to hold the compacted material. Primarily, these are used for dry waste applications such as cardboard, packaging materials, plastic and more. Common industries that utilize them are office buildings, manufacturing, distribution centers, retail, construction materials and several other industrial applications.

Self-contained Compactor

This type of compactor is recommended to use for the mixture of wet and dry waste. The compactor and the container are one entire unit that is enclosed to keep liquids from leaking out and compact solid trash as well. Common industries would include grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and several other applications.

Pre-crusher Compactor

This type of compactor is recommended for use of breaking down bulky and larger trash before it is compacted into the receiving container on a stationary compactor. The materials are crushed and broken down into finer pieces before they enter the container, thus allowing the load to be much more compacted then if a pre-crusher was not used. Common industries would include those that have pallets, construction materials, barrels and other industrial applications.

Small space saving compactors such as Vert- I Pack

This type of compactor is recommended for applications where space is limited for a compactor, or there is not enough volume to warrant the need of a larger compactor for wet and dry waste. Common industries would include restaurants, rehab nursing facilities, schools and more.


This type of equipment is recommended for applications that have a need to shrink down their volume of waste or recycling materials and achieve possible cost savings without the need of a compactor. Most common industries would include grocery stores, retail stores, distribution centers, manufacturing plants or locations that need removal of cardboard, paper and plastic.

*these equipment recommendations and various types are basic information only. They are meant to give customers a starting point for requesting services. A SOLID WRS representative will come out to your site to do a complete visual check of your location before they recommend any certain size/type of container.

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