Energy Solutions

The electricity and natural gas marketplace is extremely complex and often very different from state to state and location to location. Regulations, tariffs and rates can vary as much as 100% from one utility to the next. Adding to this complexity, in states where deregulation has been mandated by the legislature, your organization now has the opportunity to purchase the commoditized portion of your utility expense from as many as 100 different energy producers and wholesalers.

SOLID Waste & Recycling Services will work with your organization to educate you on the various programs available, the strengths and weaknesses of each program, and help you determine which program best matches your organizations goals and tolerance to risk. Whether your organization is looking for the budgetary predictability of long term fixed rate program or interested in capitalizing on the aggressive rates of one of our wholesale variable rate programs… SOLID WRS can customize a program to suit your specific needs.

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