Special Waste

Certain Waste products are not compatible with traditional hauling systems. These materials must be transported and disposed of by specific methods. We will audit your waste products to determine how they need to be handled from storage to transporting and finally to federal and state regulated disposal.

Some types of regulated materials include:

  • Asbestos – Commercial building renovations can run into this material in many different forms. Some forms are more dangerous than others but all require special handling and disposal.
  • Liquids – The by-product of many production and treatment facilities is waste water or sludge. These liquid or semi-solid waste products can have chemical and or heavy metal contamination. A detailed “special waste profile” must be created and maintained for them before they are moved from your facility.
  • Empty Containers – Pails, drums and Gaylords require special handling as they may contain residual material that is not allowed in a standard landfill. These containers must be tested for landfill compatibility.

  • Paints, Solvents, Oils – Some paints like latex are considered solid waste as long as they are dried in their containers. Others require special handling. Solvents and oils are regulated and sometimes can be recycled.

  • Dust/Powders – Many residual products end up as dust. Many of these are completely harmless and can be landfilled with your regular solid waste products. Others are considered hazardous and must be stored and transported to a dedicated landfill for disposal.
  • Compliance is the key

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